Rachel at Northbrook Park


This summer wedding from 2013 is so lovely to look back on, especially when it’s so cold and dreary outside! I can practically feel the warmth streaming in from the window.

This is Rachel in her prep time getting made up for her big day. Shot by Graham Nixon who captures it beautifully, as always! In the first shot I am laying down Rachel’s base using Airbase Airbrush make-up. I used all Airbase for this, from the primer, to the foundation, I contoured and highlighted with it and also for blush. This ensured it’s longevity and flawlessness.


I finished off the look by adding in a few individual false lashes and graduated them through the lashline to create a fuller yet natural finish.

Katy x

Amanda and Ediz–Gaynes PArk

This is the wedding of Amanda and her beau Ediz. They wed at Gaynes Park, one of my all time favourite venues back in August. I did 2 trials for Amanda, the first was for her engagement shoot and then we tried a second one, very much along the same lines, but intensified.

I think the overall result was just GORGEOUS!

I worked on Amanda and all her bridal party. Each one got the HD treatment with the Airbase UK airbrush system. You can see for yourself how it delivers flawlessness but is invisible on the skin.

Amanda’s look was very clean and all about the liner. I created a graphic bold line that flattered her eye without taking over. I used an angled brush with a black Sugarpill shadow and then once the shape was determined, I lined over it with Clinique’s black gel liner. Plenty of mascara and a full set of individual lashes, cut and tapered to fit the eye perfectly.

Her brows needed just the tiniest of tweaking, with Laura Mercier Brow Definer in Warm.

The beautiful pink lip is one of the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection colours, shade 101, lined with Rimmel East End Snob lip liner.

Such a chic and elegant look.


All photos by the talented Dasha Caffrey

Let me know your thoughts

Katy x

Megan–Hengrave Hall


The stunningly beautiful Megan got married on a scorching hot day in one of my favourite and most frequently visited venues – Hengrave Hall in Bury St Edmonds.

I worked with my favourite hairdresser, the extremely talented Cassandra Rizzuto and together we made-up Megan, her Mother in law and all her bridesmaids.

A long and eventful getting ready session was made easy by the relaxed and jolly atmosphere. Megan and a lot of her bridal party were over from Brisbane, Australia and we were all in stitches laughing, there were some absolute characters there. A total pleasure to work with.

Megan’s look was fairly subtle, not much was needed to enhance her beauty, you can’t see it in the photos but her eyes had this soft sparkle up close – really enchanting. Her bridesmaids all had different degrees of drama. Wearing the dark colour that they did, they had the opportunity to step up the definition if they so required.

I hope you like!


I really love the look on everyone’s faces as they looked at Megan in her finery, they were all so emotional and full of love for her. So touching.

And you, once again get to see my concentration face in all it’s glory!

This is also the lovely e-mail I received after which made my day –

“Hi Katy
I wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful job you did on the makeup for our wedding. The girls looked absolutely stunning right into the evening. I wouldn’t have been so relaxed before the ceremony had it not been for your help and I thank you for that.
I felt so beautiful on the day!
Thank you

All photographs by Jim at James Davidson Photography

Enjoy x

Heidi–A London wedding. Possibly my coolest bride ever?


I’m so excited to be bringing this wedding to you.

Heidi made contact with me at the very start of the year for her May wedding. Straight away, I liked her. Her enthusiasm for her wedding, her wedding make-up and as I later discovered, all things incredibly stylish, was infectious!

We met for her trial and discussed all things make-up. I saw her dress and we talked shoes, handbags and lipsticks. I could’ve stayed and drank tea with her all day.

In the end on the day, her dress was the same but a more traditional colour than her original but I loved it, I think it meant that the beautiful Jam coloured lipstick (incidentally, called Jam by Arbonne) stood out and looked clean and fresh and most of all, striking! That word is what I think sums up everything about Heidi. A striking, storing and inspirational woman. And her now husband Steve- quite possibly the most dapper groom ever?

All photos by the amazing Laura McCluskey.


What do you think? That cake right?! This is how to do a London wedding.

I didn’t think it could get more stylish. Then I saw the outfit Heidi changed into. Swoon.

So, who wants to actually be Heidi now? Not just me then?


Natasha–A beautiful traditional Jewish Wedding


Natasha and her lovely family were clients of mine late last year and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Natasha is not only very beautiful with exceptional skin, she was easy going and relaxed and totally open to my advice and guidance when it came to picking her look.

Photographs by award winning photographer Mark Seymour


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Such beautiful photos.

This is a fantastic example of a Jewish wedding and the requirements make-up wise. The definition that is usually needed needs to be stepped up ever so slightly as there is such a large amount of time spent under the veil and photographically it is a big part of the day. Also, between when the MUA leaves and the party starts it is a LONG time. There are many ceremonies and rituals that need to be done so longevity is key!

I hope you like xx