Bleeding Lipstick!

At first glance, that heading looks like I’m cursing lipstick in old fashioned cockney style but I’m not, it’s a question I’ve been asked about the age old problem of lipstick bleeding out around the edges. So Karen, to answer your question… How to stop it? I’ll give you my honest answer, I can give you tips to prevent it, but it might be something you have to keep your eye on throughout the day. Lets see if we can give you a few extra hours wear.

Firstly, lets look at the type of lipstick you’re wearing. The more matte the texture, the less likely it is to bleed. Are you wearing a pencil? This will help also.
This is the order I would do things;
1) Take a concealer pencil around the edge of your lips, blending inwards and outwards. Try Laura Mercier Flawless Fix Pencils.
2) Set that area very lightly with powder. Ideally pressed in with a puff as opposed to dusted on with a brush (this area can often have downy hair that we don’t want to emphasise..
3) Using a lip pencil of your choice, line your lips and gently fill them in, this gives the lip stick a better surface to grip onto.
4) Blot and repeat. If you have to wear gloss, keep it strictly to the inner section of the lips.

There is also the option of one of the all day lip colours such as Max Factor Lipfinity, however, I have not yet found one that doesn’t remove a layer of my lips in dry flaky patches after a days use.

I hope this helps Karen!

Yours, Katy x

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