Pete and Celine at Hengrave Hall

September saw me return, once again to one of my favourite venues, Hengrave Hall in Bury St. Edmunds. This time for the elegantly glamorous wedding of Celine and Pete. I was excited to be working with Celine as she is such a natural beauty. Just to add to the excitement, the day was shot to perfection by Lisa Devlin, a photographer whom I have always admired yet never worked with before.

Celine wanted a super natural look. Barely there make-up with just enough added definition and colour to make it work. We did add in individual lashes to fill out her lash line which helped keep it natural as less mascara was used. Any colour that was used was kept skin like and warm. No pastels or cool shades.

For the lovely bridesmaids, I was a little bolder. Each girl had a different look to work with their skin tone but all tied in together in some way to work with the stunning pink dresses.

Take a look –

Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 007Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 008Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 015Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 028Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 022Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 023Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 034Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 050Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 052Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 064Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 077Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 104

This last photograph is my absolute favourite.

All hair was expertly executed by the lovely Cassandra

Thanks for reading

Katy x

Another Polly Alexandre Wedding

ANother sneak preview of the beautiful Matt and Hannah’s wedding held at one of my favourite venues – Brocket Hall (this will be featuring in my Favourite Venues Series very soon!).

Hannah was a dream to work with and I cannot wait to blog this myself. Keep your eye out for it!

For now, have a look at Polly’s blog post on it here.

Katy x

Wedding–Fiona at Hassop Hall

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Fiona for her wedding this Summer at the delightful venue Hassop Hall in Derbyshire.

A strikingly beautiful woman, Fiona had a very clear idea of how she wanted her make-up, which I loved!

We did 3 trials in the end,  the final one being a repeat of the second, just to ensure that it could be replicated perfectly Winking smile

I had the pleasure of working with the delight that is James White who was teasing her hair into the structure you see below. James never fails to make me guffaw with laughter and is genuinely one of the nicest chaps in the business.

Fiona’s look was a softly contoured taupe eye with eye opening liner along the top and a smattering of individual lashes to elongate and fill out her lash line.

The cheeks were carefully contoured and given a sweep of colour to match the peachy orange lip shade that made this whole look pop.

Fiona emailed me soon after with these lovely words-


I just wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you for all your help with my wedding make up!
I was so so so happy with it and it looked absolutely beautiful – classic, natural and very ‘me’. It stayed in place all day – I danced the night away and it looked as fresh as the morning! I loved what you did and everyone commented on it throughout the day. Mum loved hers so much too! She kept her eyelashes on for the next day as well which was really funny and she felt so glamorous. I loved seeing her feel so special.
I am very grateful for all your hard work with the trials and on the day – it was so relaxing to get ready with you and James and I enjoyed it very much. Didn’t think I’d say that! Thought I’d be a bag of nerves.

Makes it all worth it, trust me




Thanks to Jon Dennis at S6 Photography for these beautiful images

Katy x

Wedding–Amy at Hengrave Hall


Amy was such an organised bride. I was booked for this wedding miles in advance and she had arranged for her entire bridal party to have their make-up done, including a trial.

Amy’s main concern was that she would look overdone, a common fear amongst brides!

I’m glad to say that the trial put paid to that worry straight away and the end result was a beautiful, polished, elegant make-up. Well, when you have such a lovely canvas…

I’m particularly happy with how the lashes turned out. This is approximately 20-24 lashes on each eye, a mixture of short and medium individual lash clusters, layered and graduated to create a naturally fuller lashline. The final shot really shows them off with a striking shot of Amy looking down.

Thanks to Mandy from Dottie Photography for permission to use these beautiful images.

Amy and Simon-Edited-0026

Amy and Simon-JPEGS-0087Amy and Simon-Edited-0027Amy and Simon-JPEGS-0090Amy and Simon-Edited-0032

This wedding was also featured over on the stupendous Rock my Wedding

Katy x



These gorgeous images come courtesy of Ed Peers and are of the lovely Bride Tania in her prep for her big day!

Tania’s look was a soft smoky eye with a flick. The challenge here was getting the right balance between the softness of the contouring and shading and the crisp line of the flick. It took a fair bit of blending and going back in with the liner to re sculpt.

Overall, a really beautiful look and it makes it all worth while when, in the email with the photos, a lovely thank you message pop up

Thanks so much for doing my makeup.. I was so happy with the results and it lasted all day and night. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.


I love the looking down, side shots. This is where the full set of individual lashes I used show themselves in their glory!


Enjoy x

a bygone Bride


The lovely Abi contacted me through her photographer Anna-Marie Stepney who I’ve worked with on a number of weddings.

On her trial we initially tried a smokier eye but on the day decided to follow the path of true glamour and went for effortlessly sleek with a softly defined flick and a muted red lip. This partnered her hair perfectly and the overall effect was sublime!

Anna-Marie takes particularly good prep photos so I’m thrilled to have these documenting the process. It really shows the build up and layering.

I paid real attention to the skin, painstakingly layering and camouflaging to create a base that looks both real yet airbrushed. Take note of the lashes which were built up using individual clumps of lashes in short and medium, doubling up in some areas to really build volume.

I also love the photos where it’s clear Abi has seen herself in the mirror and her confidence shines through. Once the hair is in place and the dress is on, her transformation is complete. One of the most elegant brides I’ve ever seen!

Abi & Adam Wedding-1010eAbi & Adam Wedding-1014eAbi & Adam Wedding-1015eAbi & Adam Wedding-1016eAbi & Adam Wedding-1019eAbi & Adam Wedding-1050eAbi & Adam Wedding-1057eAbi & Adam Wedding-1269eAbi & Adam Wedding-1272eAbi & Adam Wedding-1278e

This last shot gives me goose bumps!

Abi has also got her own blog which is here and well worth a read.

Enjoy and please leave your lovely comments for her to see!

Katy x

Sian–Take 2! London baby.


In my last post I showed you Sian’s gorgeous wedding photos from her glorious Dorset wedding. There were difficulties getting enough portrait shots done so Sian, her husband and Ben from Touch photography got together later in the summer and re shot them on a fantastic London day out.


More dramatic than the original shots, we stepped up the make-up to reflect this. The result was a lot more edgy. I adore the shot with the leather jacket.




Katy xx

Summer Wedding Sian- Take 1!


All the way back to this time last year (I’m a *little* bit behind on my blogging!) I worked with the lovely Sian getting her ready for her wedding down in Dorset. These images take you through her getting ready process in the morning. Note my tiny baby bump (she’s now 8 months old…). Gorgeous photographs courtesy of Ben at Touch photography.


The incredible bouffant was created by my good friend Cassandra. There is a slight lack of portrait photos due to unforeseen circumstances on the day. Fear not though, Ben and Sian and her now husband met up earlier this year for a second shoot, photos coming up next!


Katy x

Winter Wedding – Sally

I was lugging my heavy kit along a gravel driveway back to my car after leaving the wedding of the lovely Emma, also known as The Wedding Reporter. I was parked next to a car that belonged to this lovely bride Sally. Sally had been to view the venue with her lovely fiance and beautiful little baby girl. I had a little chat with them about the baby and the venue and when I told them why I was here, Sally took my card.

Over 1 year later, here I am doing her make-up!

These images show that, no matter how small or crowded the hotel room gets, we can always fit in and make the best of it!

Sally wanted a slightly more dramatic eye than the usual soft bridal look and we worked wonders with her lashes, filling them out to maximum fullness but still keeping them looking like hers. I used my favourite Ardell individual lashes in a mixture if Short and Medium that I trimmed to really fit them 100%.

I hope you like x




This little sneaky image in here is a little extra shot of my gorgeous daughter who came with my husband and I for the day. She’s only about 11 weeks here and sound asleep!

Beautiful photos by Ben at Touch Photography.

Katy x

Wedding–Franky and Carl


Franky was introduced to me through the incredible power of social networking, more specifically, Twitter. Originally wanting to do her own make-up, the big day loomed closer and she realised it may be a good idea to delegate this job out to someone else. Which is where I came in. Suggested by the ever lovely Emma Woodhouse, also known as The Wedding Reporter who had the job of documenting the goings on of the big day. Emma is another of my past brides and has gone on to make quite a name for herself. She’s fantastic at what she does and you can read her account of Frank and Carl’s wedding on her website.

I met Franky for her trial after having a detailed discussion via e-mail about her ideas and I was tremendously excited to finally meet her and get this show on the road! Inspired by Audrey Hepburn (hence her Twitter name @LoveAudrey83) this wasn’t a nude lip/smoky eye combo. Oh no, the exact opposite in fact. In the trial we experimented with a softer version of her usual black line and red lip by going for a more muted red and smoky line. On the day however, it was decided that we would revert back to the more glamorous classic Red Lip and Lined eye.

Two things that were very important for me were skin and brows. Franky is almost translucent and with a strong red lip I needed her skin to look perfect, yet natural. I mixed a Face Atelier foundation with a white mixer to lighten it and then added in an Illumination Tint for glow. I also tweaked the brows to even them out and give them a good shape to frame her eyes using pencil and powder. I’m doing it no justice talking about it, so take a look at these images. Prepare to gasp! All photos by Eliza Claire

FrankyCarl-1023 copyFrankyCarl-1034 copyFrankyCarl-1111 copyFrankyCarl-1151 copyFrankyCarl-1222 copyFrankyCarl-1234 copyFrankyCarl-1246 copyFrankyCarl-1266 copy


She’s just breath taking isn’t she?

Katy x