Brett Harkness Flash Workshop–Winged Smokey Eye


This is the second instalment from the Brett Harkness Flash Workshop.

I worked on top of the look I did on her previously, which you can see in this post here.

This is where the wonders of photography really become apparent. It makes me wish I’d paid more attention during my Photography AS level classes! My concentration back then was horrendous, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with boys!

The look is exactly the same all the way through, a really exaggerated smokey winged look. See how different it can look with various edits and lighting?!

I wanted to make it a little more edgy and editorial rather than too ‘glamour’, so I cut into the inner nose line a little and swept the shadow and liner quite low. Again, the cheekbones were contoured, a little stronger than before, with no colour on the actual cheeks themselves.

I wanted to add a bit of colour to the lips instead of the usual nude lip that accompanies a strong eye, so I pressed a couple of layers of a rusty/bricky brown shade in and blotted any shine off.

Strip lashes by Ardell were placed on top of the natural lashes and an extra coat of mascara added to increase volume and definition. Brows were groomed, but not overly so.

I hope you like these!




Thanks for reading. Next up will be the looks from the second model at the same workshop.

Until then

Katy x

Brett Harkness Flash Workshop–Winged Liner


This is another Brett Harkness workshop I worked on. I have 3-4 different looks that I created within this day so I’m going to split up the posts, otherwise they end up too picture heavy and I want to focus on the individual looks.

This was the first look of the day – I was given pretty much free reign and decided on a nice sharp, dramatic flick. The model Kara has fantastically symmetrical features which always makes it easier to wing. And does she know how to give good face? Hell yes.


Product breakdown:

Face- Face atelier Ultra Foundation, Porcelain mixed with Zero Minus, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC1, Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch 1 under the eyes. Set with Laura Mercier Trans Loose Powder.

Eyes- Yaby Brow Powder over Laura Mercier Brow Pencil, Kryolan Cake Liner between lashes, Clinique Gel Liner for flick, Laura Mercier Whiskey eyeshadow to contour (also used to contour the cheeks).

Lips – Model Co Nude Illusion Lip Pencil all over with a layer of blotted lipbalm on top.

Now I get asked all the time how to create the perfect winged liner so I’m going to cheat and let the fabulous Kenneth Soh tell you! He’s already covered this perfectly in his blogpost, check it out here.

More look from this shoot to come!

Thanks for reading

Katy x

Brett Harkness Wedding Photography Course, Fanhams

I was asked back recently to provide the make-up on another Brett Harkness photography workshop. This one was Wedding Photography and was set in the beautiful venue Fanhams Hall Hotel in Ware, Hertfordshire. In fact, it is the same venue that I posted about recently, the wedding of my very good friend Caroline.

The model just had ‘one of those faces’ i.e. an absolute dream. I was asked to give her a slightly heavier than usual bridal look, so as to allow it to show up in the photographs. This is something I’m always aware of in my work, be it bridal photography, as in a model, or a real life bride. I strive to give enough definition to ensure the features are not lost but never sacrifice a good real, soft skin for a heavy base. The model Katie had great skin anyway so to cover it in heavy slap would be a sin!

I enhanced the eyes with a generous application of Ardell Individual lashes in a mixture of short and Medium.

These images are just superb and a huge testament to the immense talent that is Brett Harkness. I hope you enjoy!




To see another example of Brett’s work, check out this post here of a beautiful wedding in the Cotswolds, the gorgeous Jennie.

Thanks for reading

Katy x

Be Beautiful Shoot- Be Classic

Back in June, I worked on an industry shoot, a collaboration of experienced professionals all coming together to create shots ‘to die for’.

It was named ‘Be Beautiful’ and split into 3 categories. I was put into the ‘Be Classic’ section which I felt suited me to the ground. I took this brief and ran with it!

I teamed up with hair stylist James White and together we created these 2 looks.

First up is my variation on the smoky eye, a true classic look. I used rich plums and bronzes to create a dramatic yet soft look. If you’re keen to see closer shots of the make-up, hang fire, there willbe a chance to see these but I can’t say when or where yet!





This second look is more natural, pared down.  However, instead of sticking to the flat neutrals and having 14 different shades of skin tone and beige, I used shimmery coppers and matte lavender to create a contrast and some texture. A matte pink lip was my alternative to the clear gloss look.


For more information and to see the rest of the shoot, it was featured on gorgeous Bridal Blog – Love my Dress, along with a video that gave all of us a chance to talk through what we had planned. I’m the almost last one so bear with it, I do appear!

All images taken by Nobu Yamaguchi, superstar photographer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these and I’d love to know your thoughts on these images. If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of products I used, let me know.

Until next time

Katy x

Boudoir Shoot–Katie and Cocoon Photography


This is a recent shoot I worked on with the lovely ladies at Cocoon Photography and a bride to be, Katie. Katie hadn’t had a shoot like this before. To be fair, not a lot of us have! So understandably, she was a tad apprehensive! By the end of the transformation though, she was raring to go! Jeanette and Kim did what they do best and put her totally at ease. The results speak for themselves. Beautiful, elegant images, nothing trashy or tacky. And I hear her Mr was very impressed!

I kept the make-up very soft and smoky. Katie has amazing skin and I wanted to keep it looking real.

The last shot was specifically for him I suspect! It takes a brave girl to don an Everton shirt for her Fiancé! You’d not catch me in a Newcastle strip! No Way!




I hope you enjoyed these

Katy x

Engagement Shoot–Yellow Polka Dot Loveliness


This is the latest shoot I worked on with David McNeil. An engagement shoot in a gorgeous village called Robertsbridge. Harriet and her lovely Fiancee live in a really traditional old wonky house that I fell in love with . Also their super cute, stone chewing doggy. Harriet asked for a strong eye and a flawless base, something I hear a lot. It’s relatively easy to achieve but with Harriets gorgeous yet porcelain skin tone, it can be a struggle to get a base light enough. High street brands hardly ever cater for skin this delicately pale. I easily matched by mixing Face Atelier foundation in Porcelain with their Zero Minus shade enhancer. This created a continuous flow of even-ness from er hairline down to her body.

The eyes were a strong mixture of a Topshop Creme/mousse shadow  in Tundra, pressed over with a dark Pewter Laura Mercier shadow and intensified with an Avon Gel Liner pencil in a super black shade. I deepened the crease slightly with a red toned plum just to bring out her eye colour.

I left before I saw the chosen outfit and I LOVE it! I don’t think there’s enough Yellow Polka Dot in the world.

I hope you enjoy the photos, note the last shot was on a bed set up in their own garden. Genius.

Harriet 1Harriet 2Harriet 3Harriet 4Harriet 5Harriet 7Harriet 6Harriet 8

I hope you enjoyed these.

Katy xx

70s Inspired Shoot


This is a shoot I was involved on very recently and it was one of the nicest days I’ve had at work for a long time! 2 beautiful faces to work with, a gloriously sunny day, great company and to top it all off, ice cream!

I’m starting off by showing you the preparation. The getting ready can sometimes take hours! Especially with 2 models in a non-studio set up. However, the lovely hairstylist Cassandra and I have worked together on numerous occasions and are like a clockwork machine! As you can see from the images below, we worked off a kitchen table, making the most of the space and light we had. This is what shoots are all about! Love it!! (Warning, this post is reasonably picture heavy…)

70s Shoot_21.4.11_004-1

70s Shoot_21.4.11_007-170s Shoot_21.4.11_011-1

Getting the base on. I used a mix of 2 Face Atelier Foundations with a little Warmth added in.

70s Shoot_21.4.11_017-1

Using a liner trick to pull down the inner corners and create a wider eyed look.

70s Shoot_21.4.11_030-170s Shoot_21.4.11_038-1

Having added some definition to the brows and some soft shading to the eyes, I decided it had to be all about the lip. This was Occ Liptar in Safety Orange mixed with a drop of Feathered.

70s Shoot_21.4.11_040-170s Shoot_21.4.11_042-1

70s Shoot_21.4.11_005-1

This is the starting layers of a bronzy smoky eye. Even though the fringe was going to cover them, I couldn’t help myself, I had to groom the brows!

70s Shoot_21.4.11_049-170s Shoot_21.4.11_055-1

After about 2 hours, we were ready. Off to the location. Lunch (hugely important!) and then a quick lip touch up and we were raring to go!

70s Shoot_21.4.11_067-170s Shoot_21.4.11_071-170s Shoot_21.4.11_077-170s Shoot_21.4.11_088-170s Shoot_21.4.11_120-170s Shoot_21.4.11_136-170s Shoot_21.4.11_196-170s Shoot_21.4.11_204-170s Shoot_21.4.11_257-170s Shoot_21.4.11_304-1

Thanks to Catherine of Lily and Frank for taking these incredible photos, to Mrs Scoops of Vintage Scoops for allowing Betty (the van) to be featured and also for the delish Banana and Butterscotch ice cream! Flowers by the lovely Fairynuff Flowers.

I hope you enjoyed?

Katy xx

Boudoir Shoot with Cocoon Photography

Another shoot with the delectable ladies of Cocoon Photography but this time with a twist. The model was one half of the duo, Jeanette!

Having decided that she couldn’t very well wax lyrical about the delights of having your photos taken in your undies without having the pleasure herself, she stepped up to the plate and when you see the images, you’ll no doubt agree -I’m sure she’s glad she did.  I expect is Mr Jeanette is quite chuffed too!

Jeanette is a super busy mum to 2 young boys and a dog and combines that with running around with the other half of Cocoon photography Kim taking pictures of all sorts. Hence, Jeanette never really has the time to lounge around feeling glam in sexy lingerie. Having worked with them both many times, I have always noticed how attractive they both are ( it Is my job to look at faces…) So, I was so pleased to have been asked to transform Jeanette because it really wasn’t hard to do!

The skin I kept very smooth and clean, nothing too heavy as I didn’t want her to ‘feel’ made-up and I know Kim’s photography style, she’d have used a lot of the available daylight and so I didn’t want it look obvious. For this I used a Face Atelier foundation with a little Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturiser mixed in.

For the eyes, Jeanette has a slightly hidden lid so I did some defining at the lash line and some gently contouring in the crease and browbone area. For the lid however, I used a Fyrinnae pigment layered on top of the Pixie Epoxy to make it really shine. This worked out well as it just flashed up when Jeanette looked down.

So without further ado, here are the photos. I do hope you like them.



I think she looks beautiful.


If you’d like to have a beautiful album of shots for you or your beloved, Kim, Jeanette and I have joined forces to bring you a special package that includes hair and make-up from me. Contact the ladies on for more details.

Katy xx

Portrait Shoot–Toyin and David Calvert

Hi All,

These images are just a small selection from a recent shoot I did with a fantastic photographer David Calvert and this beautiful lady is a model called Toyin. I was so excited when I walked in the door and saw this amazing face!

It also gave me a chance to try out the new darker shades of the Face Atelier foundations I’ve been trialling. This only strengthened my love of them! I used a very small amount of shade 11, Mink all over except for on her forehead. Toyin has dome very minimal scarring which has left a slightly grey undertone so I added a teeny drop of the ‘Warmth’ into the foundation. This counteracted the ashiness beautifully and the end result was flawless!

The glow on the skin was given by sweeping a small amount of Laura Mercier Sun Dust over the high points of the face and I contoured with a Yaby cheek colour. Toyin didn’t have much definition in the brows so I strengthened them,ensuring that I kept as much symmetry as possible as these were close up , full frontal headshots.

To add some lustre to the skin, I used, believe it or not, an Avon Skin so Soft Body Oil/Gel. I initially used approx. a ten piece size for both her arms but it looked a little too ‘oiled’ so we buffed it in a tad. Gorgeous for legs though. Addicted!

We were both really happy with the end results! Thanks to Toyin and David for a fantastic shoot!


00380080a (2)0176b (2)

Oh, and would you believe, that first shot was a quick test frame shot on film?

I hope you liked them

Boudoir Shoot–Nikki at Modern Wedding Ideas

This is a boudoir shoot I worked on recently with the fabulous Cocoon Photography ladies. A slight twist to the usual in that this was a collaboration of sorts… Nikki is the editor of the brilliant Online Mag Modern Wedding Ideas which is a hive of information and brilliant weddings and the like. She also blogged about her Boudoir experience here.

This was a traditional smoky eye with a twist. Not so much black and grey but dark jewelled plums and shimmering coppers to really make the green  in her eyes stand out.

I love how Nikki changes her whole look with first a sexy birdcage veil/hat and then a bright red bobbed wig! Glam or what?!

Take a look and enjoy. Oh, and this has almost convinced me to buy myself a corset.



Isn’t she stunning?

Yours, as ever