Heidi–A London wedding. Possibly my coolest bride ever?


I’m so excited to be bringing this wedding to you.

Heidi made contact with me at the very start of the year for her May wedding. Straight away, I liked her. Her enthusiasm for her wedding, her wedding make-up and as I later discovered, all things incredibly stylish, was infectious!

We met for her trial and discussed all things make-up. I saw her dress and we talked shoes, handbags and lipsticks. I could’ve stayed and drank tea with her all day.

In the end on the day, her dress was the same but a more traditional colour than her original but I loved it, I think it meant that the beautiful Jam coloured lipstick (incidentally, called Jam by Arbonne) stood out and looked clean and fresh and most of all, striking! That word is what I think sums up everything about Heidi. A striking, storing and inspirational woman. And her now husband Steve- quite possibly the most dapper groom ever?

All photos by the amazing Laura McCluskey.


What do you think? That cake right?! This is how to do a London wedding.

I didn’t think it could get more stylish. Then I saw the outfit Heidi changed into. Swoon.

So, who wants to actually be Heidi now? Not just me then?


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