My Favourite Venues–Brockett Hall


I did my first shoot here 2/3 years ago with some lovely local photographers for a local magazine piece. This was such a fabulous day for me as I think I found the place I’d most like to live in the world. Ever. Something about Brockett Hall really calls out to me and in the numerous times since that I’ve been there, the feeling has grown!

Set in Hertfordshire, this place has a diverse and colourful past to say the least! I didn’t want to just cut and paste so do have a look at the website and take a tour through their wonderful photos and read the history.

I wrote a post recently pointing you the direction of Polly Alexandre’s recent wedding held at Brockett Hall. Read it here –Polly’s blog

Brocket Hall_6b

One of my favourite parts of Brockett Hall’s wonderful history is the time it spent as a Maternity Hospital. Read more about that and see some incredible images here at Brocket Babies, a website dedicated to the many babies born in this wonderful house.

I’m putting together my post on Hannah, the bride featured in Polly’s blog post straight after this.

Katy x

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