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Hi Girls,

I was sent this Sheer Cover set by the PR company for review purposes. (I am not affiliated with them nor am I tried into giving anything other than an honest review).

Mineral foundations seem to be everwhere these days. From my recollection, Sheer Cover were one of the first companies I’d seen advertised. I am a mineral fan, I know alot of people aren’t. I think I have the right skin for it. Combination/Oily. I have always worn a powder on top of my liquid foundations and don’t mind a Matte finish, especially as it doesnt stay fully matte for long.

I have used Mineral foundations before, I use Laura Merciers Mineral Loose powder in Tender Rose regularly in my daily make-up, so I was interested to see the difference between them.

I received this in a pack, nicely presented in a glossy black vinyl zip up Vanity Case. My set was the Light set, containing;

  • 1 X Sheer Cover Base Perfector
  • 1 X Duo Concealer in Light
  • 2 X Mineral Foundation 1.5g, Nude (cool Toned) and Bisque (warm toned)
  • 1 X Powder Brush
  • 1 X Concealer Brush
  • 1 X Mascara
  • 1 X Colour Compact

Firstly, I applied the Base Perfector after my moisturiser. This is essentially a silicon based gel/cream that is designed to even out the texture of the skin and promote smoothness and longevity. I’m not a fan of that silicon feel that alot of primers have, this one had it in abundance. My skin felt artificial and ‘filled’ which for an open pored person isn’t comfortable.
Next, I wanted to see what they said about when to use the concealer. I have always used my mineral powder first and then concealed blemishes and redness etc afterwards. For this I use an oil-free concealer, to prevent the clumpiness and patchiness that can happen when cream is layered on top of powder. What I found confusing is that the booklet and the website say 2 different things?

Concealer; In the booklet it states that the concealer step goes before the mineral foundation, whereas the website says the opposite. When I tried it before, I found that the powder clung to the concealer, leaving a definite mark. Not really ideal when trying to cover a blemish, this more or less illuminated it!
When I tried it the other way, I felt it was better, however, this concealer is very creamy and I found it didn’t really lay perfectly on top of the powder. The other option would be to use the concealer first and set it with a translucent powder before applying the mineral foundation.
The actual concealer is split into 2 shades.The lighter is a cooler, peachy shade. This is the colour I used. The darker shade was far too yellow for me, possible I could use it in the summer but I doubt it. I don’t find that I change from cool to warm tone even if I get a tan.Coverage wise, it was ok. Nothing particularly amazing. Around my eyes I felt it was nice but showed up fine lines more than usual.

Concealer brush; The brush that comes in the pack that is for concealer is reminiscent of a Benefit concealer brush and I was comfortable using it round my eyes. For the face however I found it too big. When I’m trying to cover a blemish, I like to cover only the spot and not also the surrounding skin. This brush didn’t give me a fine enough point to do this.

Mineral Powder; We are given the option of mixing the shades together to create the perfect shade. I like this. I’m always between a cool and a neutral tone, never yellow so I was able to really get a good match. It’s a bit fiddly dipping the brush from one to the other but I utilised the lid as my mixing tray. I noticed that this builds up very quickly and if the light isn’t great, it can very quickly become a full coverage finish which isn’t flattering in this texture. It only took me making that mistake once and I soon mastered it after that! I found the finish to be nice and even, almost creamy and without the tell tale ‘shimmer’ that some mineral brands can leave.

Powder brush; The brush that came with the set is smaller and rougher in textrue than the brush I usually use for my mineral foundation and has a definite ‘animal’ smell to it. I was hesitant at first to use it but I wanted to give the set a thorough review. It gives very sheer coverage when used with this brush. The small surface area means it can be a bit time consuming when using it all over (not that I have a particularly big face mind!)
I tried using an alternative brush and I found it works best with a larger, fuller, firmer brush. Mine is an old Sephora Platinum Bronzer brush from years back but I love it! I also tried it with an Elf Powder Brush that I love but it gave far too much coverage.

The mascara I tried once and was seriously unimpressed with it. The colour palette I swatched on my hand and it barely registered on my porcelain skintone.

If I was being brutally honest, I’d say that I don’t understand why a brand that it clearly good at mineral foundations would even venture into colour. If you’re going to do it, at least make it decent?! It reminded me of a childs make-up palette. It doesn’t even compete with other brands and makes no improvements to the pack, in my opinion.

In summary, I will continue to use the mineral powders, I really enjoyed them. The concealer I will keep as a back up, but I will only use it with my liquid bases, I really didn’t find it compatable under or over the mineral powder.

This was an introductary kit, however, when I looked on the website, the kit they’re offering comes with even more items in and this one isn’t there. If you’re interested in a good value, nice finish mineral brand, I would suggest giving them a try, just be prepared to only use a fraction of the products that come in the kit.

Yours, until next time

3 thoughts on “Review – Sheer Cover Mineral Make-up

  1. I think our sets differed slightly. I really like the cream eyeliner and the ivory highlighter. The powder brush is a shocker though!

  2. I find that it can give me too much coverage, and even go as far as looking powdery. I was upset as I paid the money and really wanted it to work for me. Oh well I will keep looking. But I have also found that it is not as good as my liquid foundation. I find sheercover mascara the best thing in the whole thing. Although the conceler is good.

    -J. x

  3. Ok! So I have been watching the advert’s for time and contemplating if I should give Sheer Cover a try, so I did; I was so excited, I thought this item would be the answer to my dreams of clear toned colour skin and panda eye free.
    I decided to only use this item on half my face so that i could compare the difference.
    I followed the instructions to the T and by the end I was highly disappointed! I give this item 0/10 I looked like a freak! It looked as if I was ready for a halloween party :-(
    As for the Colour palette the colours in no way complement dark skin.
    As for the mascara I tried better quality ones.

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