Teenage Shoot with Cocoon Photo

Hi All,

I work with the lovely Cocoon Photography ladies on a regular basis and was very happy to be asked to do the make-up for this gorgeous girl, Alex. Believe it or not, she’s not a model. But she most definitely should be! Look at that face!

As I sat her down in my chair, my main focus was to keep it light, fresh and young. Call me old fashioned but I really can’t stand seeing young teenage girls caked in make-up.

Alex not only had beautiful features and amazing red, glossy hair, she also had my favourite skin tone. Pale with light freckles. I’ve written about my love for freckles before on my blog and it turned out to be my most popular blog post EVER. But when I look at my stats, it’s from people searching for how to cover them or bleach them away! No!!!

I left Alex’s skin with the freckles showing through. I used Face Atelier Foundation in Porcelain mixed with a little Laura Mercier Illuminated Tinted Moisturiser in Bare Radiance in a very light sheer layer. The cheeks are Une Cream Cheek in B02. On the eyes, I used Benefit’s Skinny Jeans Cream Eye colour with Laura Mercier Rose Eye Colour through the crease and Elf Graphite Creme liner along the lashes. For the lips, I mixed 2 Nars Glosses – Turkish Delight with Sandpiper.



Isn’t she eye wateringly pretty? And, the best thing of all, she was lovely. Really nice and humble and not a clue how gorgeous she is!


Wedding–Teresa and Steve

Hi All,

Here I have another lovely wedding to show you. This is a particularly special wedding to me as it was one of the first that I booked after going freelance. In the run up to the actual day, Teresa had a very tough time but pulled through it with incredible grace and guts! This event turned into a Twitter wedding of sorts as so many of her suppliers were sourced through the miracle of Twitter.

Teresa even went as far as to ask a few important Twitter buddies to donate their name or just a name to her for her tables. I was so honoured to be asked and I gave Teresa the top table name from my own Wedding – Hestia, the Greek Goddess of Love and Family.

The photos are by a lovely chap called Simon Cook and they take us through the day from getting ready to the couple shots.

Both Teresa and her lovely Bridesmaid had already had a trial, so it was a case of application, a quick brow shape for both of them and voila!

I hope you enjoy them!

DSC_2437.jpgDSC_2457.jpgDSC_2712.jpgDSC_2743.jpgDSC_2617.jpgDSC_2593.jpgDSC_2649.jpgDSC_2727.jpgDSC_2691 copy.jpgDSC_2750.jpgDSC_2755 1.jpgDSC_2957-1-1 copy 2.jpgDSC_2980.jpgDSC_3173.jpgDSC_3192.jpg

Needless to say, I didn’t do Steve’s make-up, but I LOVE that last photo! A gorgeous couple who deserve lots of happiness.


Engagement Shoot- Laura and Rhys

Hi All,

This is my latest shoot done with the ever faboo David McNeil. I love working with David, not only because I’m guaranteed to get amazing images for my blog and website, but because he really appreciates a make-up artist. I get full creative freedom, even though we both love a really great ‘Eye’!

Laura is naturally very strikingly attractive, so when I did her make-up I kept the base to a minimum. She is also uber fair and I needed to add in a little white base to really match her properly. Her look was all about strong eyes (of course) and I rocked my new Elf Cream Liner in Violet with my Avon Gel Liner pencil in Black. The lid colour was a mix of Benefit Gossip and Stiletto  Cream shadow with a Laura Mercier Bronze pigment washed in and Yaby through the crease…I think! Lashes were by Eyelure. Lips were a mix of OCC Lip Tar in Memento with a neutral beige gloss. Oh, and brows were a la the usual – Yaby powder!





Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?!

I hope you liked them

Wedding Ideas Magazine blog behind the scenes at Tantrums and Tiaras

Good day to you all!

This is a quick link to another blog, the lovely Wedding Ideas Magazine teams blog. They have reported a ‘behind the scenes glimpse’ of the Tantrums and Tiaras Goodnight Sweetheart range.

See the trials and tribulations, the faffing and the freezing over here!


Thought I’d post this picture as it makes me laugh. The look of concentration on my face makes me look a little deranged. And although I look like I’m sticking my finger in her mouth, I can assure you I’m not.

Lots of love

Algarve Wedding–July 2010

Hi Girls,

I’ve been waiting to show you these pictures for an age!

The gorgeous Clodagh asked me back in late 2009 if I’d be willing to travel out to Portugal with them to make-up her and her bridal party. I absolutely said yes, of course! And I’m so glad I did because these photos will be a welcome addition to my portfolio and I had a real fun time being involved in it. Clodagh is a gorgeous girl, with a lovely gentle nature and her family are an absolute hoot!

My challenge was to give them all a look that would stand the intense heat and compliment each other and their own natural beauty. There were 3 sisters in total but one wanted to do her own. Not ideal for continuity but I’m never one to force their hand! Over-all, I’m thrilled with how it turned out and it goes down in history as one of my favourite weddings of all times.

Just looking at these make me smile, not only because I remember the lovely warm sunshine and even the memory feels good on this freezing cold evening but Clodagh put SO much hard work and effort into planning this and on the day, she was so excited, it was worth it all.


Oh to be on that beach right now….

Yours, chilly

Sneak Peak – Tantrums and Tiaras Shoot

Hi Girls,
I won’t put too much info in this post as I’m saving that for when ALL the images get released. For now, I’ll say this… The shoot was for Tantrums and Tiaras and their delightful new collection Goodnight Sweetheart, shot by the talented Jonathan Ryan, dresses by Madeline Isaac James and of course, make-up by Moi!

steam train
It was freezing cold, the models were amazingly professional and it involved trains and tomato soup. Each model was beautiful and had their own unique look. I had an absolute blast with the make-up. Oh, and the collection? Divine!
I cannot wait for you too see the whole shoot but for now, you’ll have to scoot on over to Jonathans site for a sneak preview.

Until next time,

Engagement Shoot – Emma and Mike

Hi All,

Another Engagement shoot shot with David McNeil. This time it was nice and local in sunny Chiswick.

Emma and Mike are a gorgeous couple and what a dream face to work on?!

Make-up artists… do you ever walk onto a set or meet a client and take one look at them and a little voice in your head shouts “Woop!”? Because that’s what happened to me. And then to top it all off, Emma asks for a really strong, black lined eye look.  Um..Yes ma’am, I can do that!

Again, another owner of near perfect skin so I just whizzed over a sheer layer of base. I contoured the cheeks slightly more than usual to keep it a tad edgier and did my usual thing with brows. Overall, a really fun make-up and I’m thrilled with how it turned out in the pictures. Emma and Mike are getting married next Summer so keep your eye out for it on David’s blog!

5083534736_dfa1fc06aa_o5082940335_5ea2c0344d_o 5083535936_b953da791c_o 5083537110_85482ee7ef_o 5083542390_2560a93f11_o 5083542974_2296540057_o 5083544098_812d5ce026_o 5083545052_c55220e0fe_o 5083546854_1abd3767ca_o 5083547340_eb953fa714_o 5083547976_d3d363b385_o 5083548398_7d056db727_o

Until next time my lovelies

Engagement Shoot – Sarah and Chris

Hi Girls,

A few weeks ago I went on a bit of a country wide tour with the lovely photographer David McNeil as we worked together on 5 engagement shoots.

This is one that was down in Bristol and once again, the couple were smashing! I had great fun working on Sarah, what with her beautiful skin and great eyes. I got to do my ‘thing’ with her brows as I felt they were a little too thin and I wanted them to frame her eyes a little bit more. I used my Laura Mercier Brow Pencil in Blonde to fill in with little hair strokes on the areas of skin and then I layered my Yaby Brow powder on top to set and tweak the shade. Sarah’s skin was, as I said before, really clear and so I kept her foundation to a minimum and literally buffed in a wee bit of Laura Mercier Foundation Stick and a dab of concealer. Lucky girl!

Sarah was really happy with her make-up and we were hoping to work together on her wedding day next year but unfortunately we weren’t able to make the dates work :(


5053404995_92f6e6f2e0_o  5054027876_3e0b0e8ec4_o5053405951_3bdb305eb0_o5053406651_64c6cc87b5_o 5053407907_5a476f5467_o 5053411303_cfb2c08552_o 5053411965_d77e392de0_o 5053414027_6938edc973_o 5053416693_4c2cd0836b_o  5054037988_73bd971263_o

I hope you liked them

Royal and Langnickel Art Brushes

Hi Girls,

Whilst in my local Hobbycraft sourcing a new palette for my cream and stick foundations (my old one disintegrated spectacularly, see my post on that disaster  here) I found myself wandering down the brush aisle.

For anyone who hasn’t discovered Hobbycraft yet, you must find one! It was an invaluable source of goodies for me in the planning of my wedding and every visit there makes me want to take up a new craft. I’m currently obsessed with Dolls Houses and ribbons.

I have approximately 50-60 brushes in my kit which sounds a lot but is relatively small for a make-up artist. This is purely because, after so many years, I really know the style of brush that I work best with. I also give brushes away quite regularly if it goes a while without being used. I fall out of love with them as quickly as I fall in love with them. Fickle? Moi?

So when I spotted these 3 brushes in the massive display I knew I had to give them a go.

All BrushesApologies for the poor quality photo. The clear handle really played havoc with my already struggling skills.

The company is Royal and Langnickel and they do both Art Brushes and Make-up Brushes.

I love the feel of them in my hand. I will stand and hold a brush in my hand for ages before deciding whether I like it or not, weighing up how it balances, whether it’s a good fit for me. I appreciate how pretentious this can sound but it is the tool of my trade. Also, I’m a terrible one for holding a brush really lightly, as in, I barely grip it, therefore, if it isn’t a well balanced brush, I tend to drop them. Not good when in a shoot or at a wedding! So this is why I snapped these up! These are from the ‘Soft Grip’ range and it’s pretty clear to see why. The soft plastic padding makes them a pleasure to use and allows great grip for more intricate work.

The first brush I want to take show you is the SG160 1/8″. A small synthetic angle brush, ideal for super delicate lining or brow work. I’ve enlarged the photo to give you the best view of the brush head. It is in fact only 1/8” wide (the name is a bit of a giveaway…).

Brush 2

The second brush is a flat topped, square brush, the SG155 – 4. I’ll be using this for delicate tightlining along the inner corner of the lashes and under bottom lashes. I’ll reveal prices in a bit but as a comparison,  a slightly wider version from Laura Mercier costs £22.

Brush 1

The 3rd and final brush I bought home with me is the SG 393 1/8″. They call this a ‘deerfoot’ brush and I like the fact that I don’t have a brush head similar to this in my kit.

Brush 3

I think I’m going to find use for this with gel liner. It doesn’t show it in the photo but the end of the brush is perfectly round so I think I’ll be able to get a nice soft yet precise line with it.

At the end of the day however, if it turns out I don’t love these brushes, it won’t be a great bother, because they cost a mere £2.55 each. Yes, I said £2.55!!

I also love that these have slim, delicate handles. When you carry around multiple brushes, big chunky thick handles can be cumbersome for storage and take up too much bulk space in brush sets/rolls.

I’ll let you know how I get on with them. I’m doing the make up on a big Wella Hair Show tomorrow so no doubt, I’ll get the chance to play.

I hope this has been helpful


Flo and Percy Shoot

Hi Girls

I’ve been waiting months to show you these pictures taken back in June! This is a selection of shots taken from the new Bohemia collection for Flo and Percy. Shot in Billericay, this was a real team effort and I’m thrilled with the results. The photographer was the lovely Elizabeth Lois who was challenged by the extreme sunlight and high winds but came out on top!

I had my good pal Rebecca McMahon working alongside me on hair. Unfortunately, Rebecca got called away to help with the shoot so I was left to do 2 models hair as well as the make-up…thankfully it turned out well.



Make-up by me, hair by Rebecca

Make-up by me, Hair by Rebecca
Hair and Make-up by me
Hair and Make-up by Me
Hair by Rebecca, Make-up by Me
I hope you like them. The collection is absolutely beautiful and if I could wear one of these in my everyday attire, I would!
Yours, as ever