What your videographer wants you to know


Following on from our other ‘What your Supplier wants you to know’ posts, here are some tips from a Videographer so you know what to expect.

Thank you to Rachel Vine from Veiled Productions for these wise words.

Everyone will have different experiences or ideas of what having a wedding videographer will be like. Here is what we’d love you to know whilst deciding on who to book.  

We promise we won’t be intrusive. 

Any professional videographer should want to capture the action as it happens without distracting you or your guests. We’ve seen it before when photographers / videographers are in the aisle right at the front getting really close and being a huge distraction throughout the ceremony. We understand the need to get the best possible shots but we know it can be done without being too distracting.


We have two static cameras which will record throughout the formalities and we are careful about where we position them so not to distract or get in the way. The videographer will always avoid moving during the formalities and we have a variety of lenses to ensure we get the best possible shots.


We won’t do poses, or anything staged, because that is not our style. We want you to feel relaxed on your wedding day. The best feedback we’ve ever been given by our couples is ‘We hardly noticed you were there’. This is just what we want! 


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Talking about timings and locations of your day is important prior to booking

Wedding days vary - some people get married in a church, some outside, some a civil ceremony. Working out timings and where we need to be prior to booking means we can suggest the best options for your day.

For instance - preparations are great to capture on film because, if you follow tradition, you won’t see each other before the ceremony. Having this part of the day filmed means you can watch it back and see what each other were doing. If both of you are getting ready at the same location then it should be fairly easy to film both of you with one videographer. However, if you are getting ready in separate locations then it is more than likely two videographers are needed. It’s great to know this ahead of booking so you know exactly what parts of the day will be filmed. 

Liz and Luke's stunning wedding at Pembroke Lodge www.pembroke-lodge.co.uk/weddings/ in Richmond Park.

Always talk to your venue and other suppliers about having the day filmed

Most venues and churches are happy for videographers to be present. We have experienced it once, in nearly 6 years, when we haven’t been allowed to even step foot in the church but that is very rare. As a result though it is always best to check with your venues ahead of time as to what their policies are.

Additionally, some may add extra charges for having it filmed. Often if a choir is singing during your church ceremony there will be an additional charge to have it recorded. Most other suppliers are happy to be recorded and some would love to see their work during your special day.

If a supplier isn’t happy about their work being recorded, which is also very rare, then please do talk to your videographer about their concerns. There is always a way to work things out and we would certainly want to help if someone had any concerns.

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We want to know as much about you and your guests before the day as we can

In most cases we won’t know, or have ever met, you or your family and friends before booking us so we would love to hear as much about you and them as possible. Please do share with us your engagement stories, any funny stories or things to look out for on the wedding day. It really helps us capture your personalities.

To make sure we capture lots of natural footage with you and your close family, we also ask for photos ahead so we can look out for people as we are filming and capture all the laughs, hugs and congratulations between you and them. We try to get as much footage of all of your guests but sometimes it’s good to know who your closest friends and family are so we can triple check we’ve got footage of everyone on the day.

We really care about capturing your wedding day

We always like to meet you before the day to hear your final plans and make sure we have everything correctly written down. It’s an opportunity to ask us any questions and vice versa. This is reassuring for both of you and for us as well. Plus, we think it’s a great opportunity to get excited about the upcoming celebrations with a Prosecco!

We are always so careful with SD cards and batteries to make sure no footage is lost. We’ve heard some horror stories and want to avoid any lost footage as much as we can. We update our SD cards every year to avoid failure on a wedding day. Once we’ve filmed your day we back up all of the raw footage in 3 different places to help prevent loss too.

We hope this helps when choosing a videographer and the processing of booking one. Our years of experience has helped us deliver excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a local videographer then we would be happy to help.

Rachel Vine,  Veiled Productions

Rachel Vine, Veiled Productions